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Armistice protection has years of experience in all types of venues. Whether it is restaurants, bars, lounges or hotels, we provide you with customer oriented, elite protection with a primary focus on maintaining your excellent reputation all while providing efficient customer service.


Quality starts and ends with Armistice Security Officers. Our professionalism, competence and commitment is what sets us apart. Mobile security can be vehicle or bicycle patrols. Armistice Security Officers secure and protect the people, homes, businesses and communities we serve. 


Individual Personal Protection Officers will give professional help, assistance and protection at any level required. We can provide hourly, event or extended duration close personal protection, either one on one or whole teams.


24/7 peace of mind. Each business has it's own unique needs. We offer a variety of plans to choose from. Meet with one of our security experts to find out how we can best serve your business.  


Our uniformed agents represent the industry's most professional and highly trained. We have the protection plan that is right for you. Car Dealerships, Industrial, Retail, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Parking Garages or Construction Sites.


With over 40 years of Federal and local law enforcement experience, Armistice investigators handle some of the most delicate and personal matters. Undercover, Theft/Fraud, Civil/Criminal, Accidents, Workers Comp, Child Custody and Surveillence to name a few. 


Armistice Personnel are trained for crowd control situations of all kinds.We cater to the television and film industry as well as businesses involved in labor disputes. Security can be high or low profile. From street fairs to movie location security, Armistice is your security solution.


Providing protection for your home and family is your top priority. It is our's too. Armistice Protective & Investigative Services can provide you with the security you need, night or day. Schedule your consulation today and sleep better tonight.

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